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This petition is directed to the European Parliament and to the European Council. Its goal is to warn European Authorities against the dangers of software patents. This petition is supported by the EuroLinux Alliance together with European companies and non-profit associations. Please make this petition well known to everybody concerned and do whatever else you can to help our ongoing struggle.

I am concerned by current plans to legalise software patents in Europe, considering their damaging effect on innovation and competition.

I am concerned by the possible use of software patents to patent business methods, education methods, health methods, etc.

I am concerned by the current track record of abuses from the European Patent Office, especially by their tendency to abuse their judicial power to extend the scope of patentability.

I am surprised that no economic report has ever been published by European Authorities to study the impact of software patents on innovation and competition.

I urge decisionmakers at all levels in Europe to enforce the Law, which clearly prohibits patenting pure computer programs, instead of changing it.

I urge decisionmakers at all levels in Europe to reconsider their current plans and to make sure patents are not abused to prohibit or restrict the dissemination of computer programs and intellectual methods.

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